About us

Reputation creates a brand



After many years of managing a variety of manufacturing companies, I decided to start my own company and create good value products for the community.


An Hoa Phat company was established in October 2018. We specialize in manufacturing and exporting high quality handcrafted wooden furniture, as well as, handcrafted metal furniture which can be used indoors and outdoors. We also manufacture sofa’s, armchairs, etc., for interior settings. Our practical designs are inspired from nature, and created with skilled worker teams. We concentrate on making durable, yet comfortable designs, for the customer to enjoy, and make life more relaxing.


Our motto "Prestige creates brand", is the minds of all An Hoa Phat employees from the date of our establishment, until the present. This is a passion that is still burning for every employee in the company.


A business will not have longevity if its existence does not bring the most positive and practical values to its customers. An Hoa Phat Company strives to preserve, and promote, a burning passion, and a heart of love for the products, to best serve our customers.  We compare ourselves to Cactus plants, who survive all the harsh conditions of the desert, heat, drought, and bitter cold, yet still producing beautiful flowers for your pleasure.


Degree: Master of accounting and auditing

Training Courses: CEO course – Institute of management - PACE, Production Manager course – National Research Institute, LEAN SIX SIGMA, KAIZEN and some projects trained by ILO Organization.

Experience: 16 years in managing and operating for local and foreign companies which specialized in exporting furniture.

+ 2 years experience in operating at Dong A, Taiwanese Company

+ 11 years experience in managing and operating at Truong Thanh (TTF) Vietnamese Company

+ 3 years experience in operating at DAFI company limited, Danish Company