Dining Chairs

Some works that our company has been doing in the past time

Bica Dining Armchair

Bica Dining Armchair (FA). Dim 57.9x62.8x74/84cm -Steel frame: GPC steel Rough Black MN311V, -Fabric: DF1338, Xm5 -Rope: Moon beam PR014DF 6mm, Vertical weave - Qty available: 190 pcs - CBM: 0.355 -Pack: 1 pc/ctn

Cane Island Side Chair

Cane Island Side Chair (K/D). Dim 58x65x82cm -Wood: Eucalyptus/ Acacia/Teak -Rope: Shades of Grey HL011,Ø6mm double open-square weave -Qty/ 40’HC: 225 pcs - CBM: 0.3 -Pack: 2 pcs/ctn

Thin Air Low Back Armchair

Thin Air Low Back Armchair (KD). Dim 59.8x56.0x79.5 cm Base: Steel GPC/ Matte Black (steel) Rope: Yellow Limone, 6mm fishbone weave Qty/40’HC: 280 pcs CBM: 0.24 Pack: 2 pcs/ctn

Pang woody Side Chair

Pang woody Side Chair (K/D). Dim57.4x48.2x88.6 cm Base: wood leg (KD) Metal frame: Matte Black Rope: Gun mental 6mm, fishbone weave Wooden: Eucalyptus/ Acacia with DF195 color Qty/40’HC: 290 pcs CBM: 0.23 Pack: 2 pcs/ctn

Nara dining armchair, FA

Nara dining armchair, FA. Dim 58x58x79cm Frame: PC steel, stackable Seat, back: single open-square rope weave Qty/40’HC: 650 pcs CBM: 0.401 Pack: 4 pcs/ctn